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korean core word list

I don’t know yet  what to do to immerse myself in korean. Most of the other korean learner seems to really enjoy k-pop and drama . I watched 2 or 3 dramas so far and they were   too much  love stories inside . last nite i browsed the web and  found a drama called IRIS a spy movie.  I thought ” sweet it’s  maybe a  kinda  jason bourne movie” , but guess what ? another love story .

 but anyway,  get  back to the study part . I found something really  interresting to feed my srs :

 korean core word list

you can have it for free but if you want the audio  you have  to pay some fees.

if you have have any sugestions  for music and drama feel free to share


4 responses to “korean core word list

  1. hahaha! most korean dramas are focused on love stories. mmm you can try ‘SIgn’ though! It’s on forensic science and the love story is very very subtle, which is a rare thing! You will have better luck with movies though. Not sure about your tastes, but I love movies like ‘Oldboy / 71: Into the Gunfire / Psychic’. Barely any romance there ^^

  2. dmsharp ⋅

    Hello, I enjoy watching Asian dramas/movies of all kinds. I’m not sure if it’s something to brag about, but I actually have watched over 1000+ hrs of dramas and movies just in Korean alone. In regard to watching drama that is not a love/romance story and is good, here’s a few I can suggest:
    All-In, Swallow the Sun (all-in 2), Tazza, A Man’s Story, Time Between Dog & Wolf.
    I can also list movie titles if interested, any category. Let me know, I’ll be able to tell you.

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