starting from scratch

last week was a  real nightmare for me .i got a virus on my computer and i lost everything. All my movies all my korean resources and most important my anki deck .all this hard work vanished , i was devastated  but then i remembered a story that i read longtime ago called” the taoist farmer”.Basically the moral of the story is nothing is really good or bad it’s the way you react who  really matter .  i thought maybe it was  a good opportunity to  startiin from scratch and make a better anki deck.  now my card are better than ever. i put audio , picture and I choose carefully my sentences . 

shit happens. that’s just  the way it is


eat your vegetables!!!


Sorry guys , it’s been a while since i’ve  made a post. Don’t worry i didn’t give up korean i  was  in my parents house’s with no internet.  But i kept studying though, most of my material was korean hip-hop an dramaz .

the good thing with self study is that  i can do whatever i want .No deadline, no test…
 if i don’t wanna  make grammar drills, i just  skip it.

 i’m just enjoying the process.

In my parent’s house no matter how old i am my mum’s keep telling me  “no dessert unless you  eat  your veggies ”

With korean i can start with the dessert if i want to and i LOVE IT